Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Complex Adaptive Systems......The Richness of Life Itself...

In the Modular Worl - Life is Complex and Dynamic MWUniv Study and hepl you Understand Complexity and Dynamic Systems


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shared Knowledge Uva Thing

Knowledge Realms

Known/Knowns - wHAT WE DO kNOW

unknown/Knowns - wHAT WE dON'T kNOW

Unknown/ Unkowns - wHAT WE HAVEN'T tHOUGHT OF

Monday, March 21, 2011

Aristotle Was Wrong...Think About That.....

Farnham Street.....Risk, Trust and the Arrogance of Numbers.....

Projections based soley on History lead to Ruin. Projectionsseduce us into a false sense of security. We don't know what is behind them, what assumptions they make, and yet we take great comfort in the precision of the numbers they proffer.

The recent earthquake exceeded the engineering assumptions by a long shot. What was supposed to happen once in a million years took only eight....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Motor Boat Only Comes Once and Three Strikes and Your Out.....

In The End ( BASKERBALL And personal) Development -

You ae a part of the is systems of systems Jordan but must play within it and be part of it to make it better ie Win - Sports as a metaphor, a reflection , an example of life itself. Ego can stop your evolution and your focus of  and development and talent because you stop serving a purpose within the system this is a vital role
The butterfly in the rain forest we are all components of a system that is part of a bigger system.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Everyone is Wrong

It's not posible to Know Everything - The Market reflects the Prevailing Bias - Things Don't Matter til They Matter - Then they Have to Adjust - and the Band Plays on....

The Next Frontier

Modern Finance is Efficient at the Micro Level, but inefficient at the Macro Level

This is the Next Frontier

Sophisticated Stationary Thinking - The Age of the PC and Math - and MPC - Craps

Sophisticated Dynamic Thinking - Incorporates Advancing Knowledge........Like Poker

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Dynamic System requires Triple Bottom Line accounting to Manage Effectively

So does a ficuciary model

At the current pace of financial Evolution most will not see this in their lifetime

A dynamic that is created because it is bonded by unity of purpose vs tethered by need and incentives

Unity of Purpose

and a dynamic system to achieve

MPT Has unity of purpose - But is exists in a vacuum

Tethered Capital,Bonded Relationships,Property Rights, Statesmanship - and Stewardship

The NEED and ROLE of Capital -

The Use and Abuse

The Origin of Wealth - The Creation of Capital
The Allocation of Capital - The Use and Abuse of Capital

The MAIN & WALL Manifesto

vs rulers and  bankers  political and financial fiduciaries and the captains of each squad

Not Dictators and Bankers - who roles are nebulous ill defined - and often autocratic and self serving

A Jeffersonian Approach - To Dynamic Capitalism

This is invisible force that drives the invisible man and determines the work of his invisible hand

Statesmanship - Was to be viewed as a Noble Endeavor not a financially rewarding occupation
Srewardship -  A fiduciary responsibility not a licence to catitalize on ignorance

There are other productive roles for this purpose

When these roles are confused the system loses its dynamism