Saturday, January 18, 2014

Big Data - It's Correlation Baby!...

From Causation to Correlation:

These two shifts in how we think about data - from some to all and clean to messy - give rise to a third change: from causation to correlation. This represents a move away from always trying to understand the deeper reasons behind how the world works to simply learning about an association among phenomena and using that to get things done.

   Of course, knowing the causes behind things is desirable. The problem is that causes are often extremely hard to figure out, and many times, when we think we have identified them, it is nothing more than a self-congratulatory illusion.

“It’s Correlation Baby”

“Correlation” may be the missing link

Peter Temple takes a look at the way investors can reduce the degree to which their portfolio’s value swings

Stock market investing is becoming increasingly global, and it is fashionable to assume that most of the larger markets will move together and by similar amounts.

Tom Peters

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Models Wanted: