Friday, July 30, 2010

MAIN and WALL and the deflation Debate

Rchmond Fed

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Living In The Modular World


Freddie, Fannie, GE Capital, S&L's etc produce negative alpha and piss away the money.

Business Models - if the model doesn't work regulate it - how about let it fail in the market

"Performance"  models don't have to be regulated...... same problem about kids and participation vs Competition....It's purpose is misplaced....and will become uncompetitive in the market...

An Attraction Model Regulates Itself

A predator Model Needs to be Regulated

Some organizations are performance driven.....others need to be government regulated

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Market Hates Uncertainty....Bernanke cautions on 'uncertain' US outlook

Ben Bernanke said the US recovery was advancing, even as the chairman of the Federal reserve acknowledged an "unusually uncertain" economic outlook and promised that the central bank was prepared to take further steps to boost  the economy if necessary.

Part of WALL Street - Create AN ILLUSION - A sales Machine - Like Selling a House nothing less nothing More

Why most fund managers underperform....The illusion of active MANAGEMENT.

For those Living in the Modular World.......

Capitalism 4.0 Is a Two tier World....and how to Balance it.....

IT's all about the Economy Stupid.

Some live in the Modern World Some live in The modular World

A two tier Economy The rich are doing just fine.....

In the Modern World you Take what you Get.....In the Modular World......

You compete for what you want........

That is the message that is not being Taught......

Some get it, Some don't and Some will get trapped in the past

The reason Many wall street execs don't get it because portfolio performance is not their business - Selling and trading is

Jack Bogle / Elliot Spitzer and the concept of moral relativism.

the Changing Role of Asset Management and The Wealth Management Model

Just look at Blackrock and Morgan Stanley.

The Changing Role of Asset Management


The Changing Role of Asset Management

From active management - no alpha - for the Fee

To Overlay Management - Bring me Alpha -

Wealth Management business - Some get it Some don't and some will get trapped in the past.