A Companion to Complexiity Economics

The Sante Fe Institute, Sante Fe, New Mexico, is a multidisciplinary research and education facility where physicists, biologists, mathematicians, computer scientists, psychologists, and economists come together to study complex adaptive systems.

Modular-Finance draws from History, Philosophy, Math & Social Dynamics

Anticipate Shifts in The Economic, Political & Social Factors that determine Value and move markets

Global Macro Themes, Bottom-up stock picking and Quantitative Risk management...

Today, Academics are now ransacking a range of other disciplines in the quest for a better understanding.The search has ranged from evolutionary biology through behavioral psychology to thermal  dynamics and chaos theory...None is likely to deliver answers as clean and simple as those that came from efficient markets.- However as Keynes Commented -It is better to be approximately right than precisely wrong...

The Adaptive Market Hypothesis:

"The adaptive market hypothesis as proposed by Andrew Lo, is an attempt to reconcile economic theories based on the efficient market hypothesis (which implies that markets are efficient) with behavioral economics by applying the principles of evolution to financial interactions: competition, adaption and natural selection.