A Latticework of Mental Models

In April 1994, at the Marshall School of Business of the University of Southern California (USC), students in Dr. Guilford Babcock's Student Investment Seminar got a rare treat: a powerful dose of real-world knowledge from a man whose thoughts on money are widely considered priceless. Charles Munger - Charlie, as he is known throughout the investment world - is vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company run by Warren Buffet, the world's most famous investor. Trained originally as an attorney, Charlie is Buffet's business partner, friend, and straight man. 

New Models Wanted:


Complexity Science and Design Thinking applied to Financial Systems and Decision Making.....

Simply Put - When you focus on Winning - The Strategy Changes

You dig deeper, you work harder, you see more, you become more creative - because there is something magical about winning - not to mention survival.....This is the next level, the essence of ModularFinance....In TMW the possibilities are infinite....If you are willing to go beyond the obvious....Competition, the will to win drives the process.....

Doing what it takes to get the job done......

Collaboration, Communication, Innovation

A World of Expanding Possibilities  - What if's

ModularFinance is a balancing Act - Deliberate and emerging strategies  - Holding conflicting viewpoints  - fish don't swim in pure water...Antifragility

Why Finance is Different.......

An Interdisiplinary Approach to To Problem of Uncertainty

The Theory of Evolution is supported by the Science of Chaos

Genetic compression and the art of holding a positive charge strength vs weakness - fragile - robust

Making the leap to the next level or waiting for the bailout to go forward need perpetual motion and organic growth model

Understanding the conditions...

A family of families a system of systems

ModularFinance vs Structures Finance - and Structured products. ModularFinance is the world of Moving parts and changing conditions, it is the waterfall vs the clock, complexity vs newtonian physics -  require a adaptive flexible approach - took me the last ten years  to come up with something workable - is it the holy grail? - no - what it does is it gives us something to work with and move forward and continue to evolve

Main & Wall is The Motherboard Financial Planning and Wealth Management - First Principles...